Monday, May 4, 2009

Kansas City Adventure

What a fun weekend. And if we ignore the car-ride there and back, Topher did pretty well. Friday morning we went to the Plaza to see my friend Tina (who I haven't seen since high school!) Her apartment was so Bohemian and fun and Topher loved looking at all the colors everywhere. Tina's a nanny and Topher took to her right away. We felt like we were in an artsy, New York apartment. Loved it.
From there, we went to Crown Center where we met my brother Jeff and his kids Capri, Rome, and Sable. We ate at Fritz's, the train-themed restaurant where a little train brings the food to your table. Topher became a conductor.
Walked across the skywalk over to Union Station and visited some more until Topher seemed to be getting tired, so we headed home. Later that night, my mom babysat and we went out to dinner with Ryan and Katie (but had to leave in a hurry because Topher was having a meltdown at home.)
Saturday we went to Sam's for diapers and formula and Topher sat in the cart for the first time. Cutest thing I have ever seen. Took a picture which makes Topher look TINY. TJ said that's because we were in Sam's and everything else is so big. Topher was pretty happy that we bought him a gigantic tub of formula.
Headed to Olathe, where we met up with my sister Regina and her husband Justin and girls Audree and Juliette. Topher loved all the attention he received. Jeff, Aby and kids met us there as well and we all headed over to Deanna Rose Children's Homestead. Admission is free and it's like a farm-themed petting zoo. Hard to describe, but so much fun. Topher saw all kinds of animals...bison, swans, cattle, goats, pigs, chickens, dogs, etc. Had a blast, but left once Topher fell asleep.
Went back to my mom's house and my best friend Katie came over to meet Topher for the first time. He loved her hair. Seeing Katie was just like old times, it was so good to be around her again.
Sunday morning we stopped to see my brother Jon, his wife Katie, and kids Aubrey, Anders, and Ammon. Made them late to church. Drove from there back home to Iowa, stopping once to let Topher stretch his legs and pick a dandelion.
Finally home. Topher is back to sleeping in his own bed and TJ's hours have shifted slightly at work (now 8-4 every day) so we all got to sleep in a little this morning. Had a blast. Glad to be home.


  1. Love it! I had so much fun with you guys! It was so nice seeing you in person! Topher is quite the cutie and I love that last picture of him with the dandelion, he looks so happy that he got to stretch. Thanks so much for making time to come see me with your busy schedule, hope you guys had fun!


  2. It was so great to see you all!
    luvs, aby

  3. I still feel bad about the meltdown...I didn't realize I would be able to calm him down and you got home so quick I didn't have time to call and say all was time I'll know. We so loved having you with was sad to wake up this morning with no Topher smiles to look forward to! Love you