Thursday, April 9, 2009

Animal Riot

Getting this child to laugh is like pulling teeth. Really, he's a tough egg to crack. I do some crazy dances (I'm talking Irish foot-stomping followed by hip-hop followed by cheesy-musical-inspired steps) and even though Topher will smile at me the whole time, when I finish with my grand "Ta-da!" he'll just give the smallest little "huh huh." I mean, I'm sitting here with my heart racing, panting and feeling like a fool and all I get is a polite chuckle?? (P.S. There is a reason I only dance in the privacy of my home.)
So my sister Regina said I should hold his arm up and kiss my way towards his little armpit because that gets my niece Juliette laughing hysterically every time. Well, we tried it last night and it got the strangest response...plenty of talking and noises in general but nothing that I would classify as a laugh. See here for yourself:
Well then just as I was about to give up on making Topher laugh, Sassy walked into the room and grumbled at me to let her out and guess who happened to think that was hilarious? So I told Sassy to speak and every time she barked Topher just started laughing and laughing. Then while Sassy was outside I noticed the cat sleeping on the kitchen table and I took Topher over to her and helped him sit up beside her. He started reaching for her and grabbing her fur (a little vigorously but she was tolerant). Then he put out his hand to her and she batted it with her paw (she's declawed, and it was a playful gesture) and there he went, laughing again.
So apparently you have to walk on all fours to get a laugh in this house. I'm just happy to see that Topher is already falling in love with his pets, and we hope this means he'll love animals in general as much as we do. The point is that I don't really care who makes him laugh as long as I get to witness it. It saves me the energy of cutting Footloose, anyway.


  1. Maybe Regina's suggestion didn't work because instead of kissing and making smooching noises you were GROWLING!

    I can totally see Topher cracking up at animals, I mean he is YOUR son and I've seen you crack up at animals tons of times.

    luvs, aby

    PS - I loved your last post by the way. I tried to write a meaningful comment to it and failed horribly.

  2. Thanks for always commenting, Aby, you're the best. :) And before we took the video, he was smiling when we would "growl" at him, just for the record, haha.