Friday, March 6, 2009

Funny Sounds

Topher is finding his voice. Not his scream--he found that right away. I mean his voice, the one where it seems like he's trying to say something to us in his own funny language. The only thing is that his voice is reminiscent of a lowland gorilla. Or a barn owl. The throaty, repetitive "Oooh, oooh, oooh"' gets louder the more worked up he becomes, and it makes us laugh every time. We wonder if he thinks this is how humans are supposed to talk. Have TJ and I just become a droning noise to him, like Charlie Brown's teacher? Here's a "conversation" I had with Topher yesterday after we took a long walk (interspersed with his famous hiccups): I forgot to mention, but the last couple times I've taken Topher for walks, he stares up at me the entire time. He doesn't look around at all the sights, he doesn't seem to care where we're going or where we've been, he just stares at me. Even if we're out for an hour. It's a little distracting, really, since I can't take my eyes off of him when he's staring me down like that. Here's my view of him in the stroller:

Yesterday Grandpa (TJ's dad) stopped by to visit Topher and I snapped some pictures of them being silly together:

And then today I took Topher to visit TJ at work and he did a great job the whole hour we were there. Everyone said how much he looks like TJ. It was a nice break for our Friday afternoon.

This weekend we'll probably be working on the house. I'll post pictures as they come. --KC

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