Monday, March 2, 2009

Bump in the Night

Friday night we awoke at about 2:45am to very loud, very ominous thud. I know our first and only thought was Topher fell out of bed. Believe me, you have never seen two people go from a deep sleep to WIDE awake so fast. We were running before we even hit the floor and we were in Topher's room in one second flat. Thank goodness he was still fast asleep, safe and sound in his crib. I have never been so close to having a heart attack in my life. So we started searching for the source of the thud, and methodically combed every room of the house. Every single thing was in place, the animals all sound asleep. Eventually we decided it must have been a ghost and went back to bed. (It would be another day, and hearing a similar sound, to figure out that the sound was probably Topher's car seat. If the heavy-duty carrying handle isn't locked into place, it will eventually succumb to gravity and fall, hitting the hard floor.) The rest of the weekend was better. Lindsey and Jo came for a visit on Saturday and we were able to spend a lot of time with them. Topher even tried to roll over for them (from his back to his stomach) but couldn't quite manage it. He's close though, teetering right on the verge of getting all the way over. We're also pretty sure he's teething. There's a lot of drool, chewing, and fussiness going on. As far as the house goes, we're getting much closer to having a finished lower level. All the doors have been purchased and painted, the bathroom is done except for installing the mirror and hardware, and TJ will complete the tile on the entryway sometime this week. We can't wait to be done with it all. Luckily, we have some extra motivation because Mat and Angie are coming to visit towards the end of this month, and we want to have a finished space for them to stay in. Unfortunately, we still only have an air mattress for our guests since our guest bed was lost in the flood, but it's the best we can do for now. We also received a letter from the mayor detailing everything the town has done to improve the drainage and prevent flooding in the future, and it sounds like they have been working hard unclogging city tiles and uncovering manholes. We are hopeful and prayerful that we will stay dry this year (and from now on in general). Here's to another week, full of house renovations and teething rings. It shouldn't be long before we are posting our "finished" pictures of the house!


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  1. How exactly would Topher fall out of his bed??!! You two are TOO funny.
    luvs, aby