Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Giddey Up!

For Christmas, we got a bouncy horse for Topher from Aimee and Dale, and I just recently decided that Topher might have enough neck control to be able to use it. After all, he can sit on my lap now, as long as I hold onto his hands for balance. So I put the horse together (with Squash close at hand, "helping" by batting at all the packaging) and I have to admit, it's pretty cute. It's the fun that bouncy horses from my childhood offered, but with some modern twists: it folds, for one, and it has an actual seat that the baby sits in, instead of a saddle that the baby sits on. Strangely enough, there is no age recommendation on the box, but I'm pretty sure Topher's not quite old enough to really use it, because he feet don't even touch the floor. We tried to rectify this by stacking up some books under his feet and it worked okay. One time he even bounced himself enough to start the cowboy music playing. Even so, it still seems like the toy is swallowing him up a bit. I think in another month he'll be a little bucking bronco, but until then, here's a first glance at the beginning of his cowboy career: I can't really explain how different our lives are now that we have Topher here, but the change is vast. Instead of settling down to a movie with a pizza, I'm singing impromptu songs about bubbles while bathing my little mister mister. But I love it. We can always make the pizza after he goes to bed, anyway. We are so blessed to have him, we love him, and I think it will keep getting better and better and better. --KC

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