Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back from "Vacation"

I think they really need to think of a new word for "vacation" when you take a baby. Vacation really has a lot of positive connotations that don't accurately describe all the little... feelings that come with taking a baby along.
We really did enjoy our time out of town and in the Twin Cities though. New experiences, especially with Topher, just add to the amount of memories we have collected in our young family.
We left Cambridge early Saturday morning, having left Sassy with Mom and Dad the night before. Topher did well on the way up, although a three hour ride in the car is a little longer than he wants to be in his car seat, so we've made a habit of taking a break to get him out and change him. If nothing less, it allows him to stretch out a bit and avoid the in-car meltdown. Topher happened to be needing a break at the Minnesota welcome station, so we took a picture or two.
We went straight to the Mall of America after arriving at the Twin Cities, both Macie and I had been there while we were in high school, or younger, but we'd obviously forgotten the immenseness and the sheer number of people there. We walked around for a while and attempted to get our bearings.

We eventually found the Mall's underground aquarium.

Macie and I actually enjoyed all of the underwater tubes, it seemed like an unlikely place to see some pretty cool sharks. The line was a bit long and so there was a lot of waiting involved (like just about everything else at the mall). Anyhow, after being awake for the whole waiting in line experience, here is a picture of Topher enjoying all the sharks and rays.
Another first for Topher was the next stop after the mall, his first time in a restaurant. Topher did pretty good, but it was clear to me in watching some of the other young couples enjoying their Valentine's Day dinners, just how far we've come in the last year. In fact, Macie and I had just realized while eating that one year ago (nearly to the day) Topher was just in the making. Sure we've given up the ability to have a normal conversation with each other throughout dinner, but we did have the the cutest little baby in the restaurant, so that's gotta count for something.
Finally, after dinner, we checked into our hotel and tried to give Topher one last first... his first traumatizing experience in a swimming pool. We were so excited to put him in his little floatie and let him just go to town in the water. Unfortunately we didn't realize that unless the water is bathwater warm, he completely freaks out. Here's a before picture of Topher in his swim pants... Unfortunately we can't post the video of what happened after he went in the water because then we think DHS would take our baby away.

Well, it was a long and rewarding weekend for all. I'll be going back to work tomorrow so I guess I'll be able to start resting up for our next vacation together.


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  1. I was wondering about that when you said you'd be taking him swimming - I thought, maybe they've already found out the pool is heated. Guess not!
    Glad you had a good time!
    luvs, aby