Friday, October 18, 2013

Fieldt Trip 2013: Pumpkin Patch

Because this time the pictures say enough:

Running to the bus:

Riding the tractor train:

Running through the hay maze:

Meeting all the new arrivals:

Story time:

Corn kernels:

Measuring chart:

Because mommy can't pose and take pictures at the same time:

Bean bag toss:


Hay Mountain:

 Lining up to go home:

Choosing a souvenir pumpkin:

It was a beautiful, windy day and two hours on the pumpkin farm was a perfect use for the weather.

Happy fall!



  1. I think "Solar Products" really liked this post ;).

    Sable just had a field trip that was a lot like this one. This post makes me wish I'd been a chaperone!

    luvs, aby