Friday, April 12, 2013

Windy City

I can't believe I never blogged about going to Chicago in mid-February.

Especially since Topher has been talking about it ever since.

Road trip to the city!
Despite growing up surrounded by corn and soybean farms, or perhaps because of it, our child loves the city.  I mean, he LOVES the city.  If there are tall building around, he thinks we have somehow been transported to a higher sphere.  When there are crowds of people, bustling traffic, and no clear view of the horizon, our little boy has met his heaven.  

I don't personally know if February is the best time of year to visit Chicago (I hear it is not) but we have dear friends there who we have not seen for a very long time and we needed to meet their adorable little boy (who was, I'm sorry to admit, approaching his first birthday).

Our friends were kind enough to watch Topher on Saturday morning so TJ and I could visit the Chicago temple.  Later that day, we all braved a trip into the city together.

It was too cold to be outside for anything more than a dash from car to building, so we decided on the children's museum.  One of TJ's other friends lives right in the city and brought his little boy to meet us there,  too.  What a great impromptu reunion. 

Look at all the buildings, mommy!
Is this New York City, mommy?
Can we ride the Ferris wheel?  Please??
 At the Children's Museum

What a great weekend.  We promised we would go back when it gets warm because Topher so desperately wants to ride the train, metro, buses, and anything else the city has to offer.  He wants to ride an elevator to the top of one of the buildings.  He longs to hover precariously at the crest of the huge Ferris wheel.  

Mat, Angie, and Rowan, thank you for being such kind and funny hosts.  We always have so much fun with you.  You are wonderful friends, so it's no surprise to watch you being natural and wonderful parents as well.

Alan and Owen, thank you for taking the time to come play at the museum.  Topher cannot believe that you live in the city and he can't wait to come visit again.  And thank you for the train ride, it was a highlight of the weekend.  If you ever want to escape the city for some Iowa solitude, you are always welcome.  :)

Chicago, with any luck we will see you again soon.


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