Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This is Getting Shameful

I'm still here!  I realize that blogs have dropped off dramatically in number but there are still things worth noting happening here in our little corner of Ankeny, Iowa.  

First I will back up a month or so and post pics from Topher's ~spooky~ Halloween birthday party!  (Then hopefully the momentum will continue and I'll post some more soon.)

Decorating the house, inside and out:

Add one birthday boy who happens to be a total ham:

 One totally awesome graveyard cake:

 An interesting party menu complete with zombie fingers (smokies), "tombstone" pizzas, poisoned herbs (salad), witch's brew (sherbert punch), and 8-legged cupcakes (spider themed):

And then just throw in the kids, all in costumes of course!!:

It was so much fun and Topher will always remember the time he had a Batman, a Spiderman, a princess, a bumblebee, two Angry Birds, a pirate (mommy), and a scarecrow (daddy) at his birthday party.  

Yep, we have a FOUR year old now.  That's a child, not a baby, just for the record.

Well, he can still be my little baby.

How blessed we've been to have had four years with this special little boy.  We love you Topher!


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  1. What an adorable party! I LOVE LOVE the bats. So totally cool. Must have been super time consuming but so worth it. They are awesome!

    Happy Birthday Topher, we love you!

    luvs, aby