Monday, August 6, 2012

Seven? Heaven!

A week ago TJ and I celebrated our seven year anniversary.  Because we've known each other for a decade now it often feels like longer, but I'm pleased to report that we've never been so blessed and happy as we are at this very moment.  And while seven years is nothing to sneeze at, I hope it's just the very tip of the iceberg for us.  Someday we'll be two little old raisins together, and I hope that even that is just our beginning.

To celebrate we decided on a trip to Columbia, that very city where we met and incrementally fell in love.  Walking through campus is a jarring experience for me, finding new buildings and streets where none existed before.  I almost cannot recognize it as my campus at all, but I find peace in visiting "our" spots around town, both downtown and in the state parks, that haven't seemed to change one iota.

First stop, however, on the way to Columbia, was the historic Liberty Jail, a church history stop that we had never been to together (we were originally planning to go to the KC temple but Topher came down with a fever and we got a late start that morning).

Then it was on to Columbia, Missouri (CoMo).  Here are a few of our favorite--and must-take-obligatory-pics-in-front-of--places:

Rock Bridge State Park

Faurot Field:

The Quad and surrounding:

We also went and saw a movie in the theater (Dark Knight Rises) and we were able to visit our good friends Anne and Andy (don't you just love that?!?) who have two dogs, a toddler, and a new little baby.  It was a GREAT time, and the baby cuddles and puppy kisses were just the icing on the cake.

Meanwhile Topher did great at the farm, even with a little cold.  And when we brought him back a surprise (a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!), I think he was ready for us to leave all over again.

Happy SEVEN years to the man I admire most.  I'm so happy with you.  I love the child we made together. I love the home we've created.  Thank you for stalking me all those years ago, wink wink.  I love you.


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