Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Lego Store

Today Topher's Grandma & Grandpa took us to Reiman Gardens, which is a botanical garden in Ames, IA owned by Iowa State and located just south of the ISU Jack Trice stadium.  

They have Lego sculptures on display throughout the garden, and when I was trying to explain our destination to Topher, he simplified my garden-with-interspersed-Lego-statues explanation by saying, "You mean we're going to the Lego store?"  

Yep.  That was easier to say.  So off we went to the Lego store.

It was a beautifully overcast day, and we had so much fun chasing Topher through the beautiful gardens, searching for all the Lego sculptures.  He loved the butterfly garden, all the wide paths, and--of course--all those Legos.

Unfortunately, daddy was at work but we hope to go again with him sometime soon.  To grandma & grandpa, Topher and I would like to say thanks for a wonderful time!

We only have 9 more days until we move into the new house, and I think Topher will be dealing with a major grandma and grandpa withdrawal at that time.  What a lucky boy to be surrounded by so many people who adore him and encourage him to explore his world.

We had such a great morning and we'd highly recommend the Lego store to anyone in central Iowa.  :)


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  1. Man, I miss that sweet little face. Topher is too cute for words - he's getting so big and although I can see how he has grown in the past year, he's still adorable-little-Topher. I hope that never changes.