Wednesday, March 7, 2012

For Sale By Owner

It's no secret that we are outgrowing this townhome.  I am vigilant about keeping toys picked up, counters cleared and beds made.  And yet...I feel like every time I turn around the messes are sneaking up on me behind my back.  Everything is close at hand, and so potential messes are ever near. 

A house would not solve this problem.  A house might even magnify it (you know, the ol' "we have more space so let's collect more junk" mentality.) 

Except that in a house I would have more rooms to retreat to.  And maybe a bigger bathtub so I could completely submerge myself in some water therapy.  And maybe a room dedicated to toys so I could hurl them all in there and shut the door on them. 

Topher would love a yard.  Sassy would love a yard.  Even Squash would love a yard for her tiny leap-out-the-door-get-scared-and-leap back-in excursions. 

I would love a kitchen table.

There are a lot of reasons we would like a house, but none of them are urgent ones.  We just want to plant roots somewhere, show Topher a home and tell him he will grow up there.  Let him pick out the perfect shade of green for his bedroom, because to him all other colors are naturally inferior.

So we bought a sign and put it in front of our townhouse.  It reads For Sale By Owner.  We added an info box full of brochures.  We listed it on Craigslist and

And now we're just waiting for the right individual to come along.  We have had several emails and one showing so far.  We've also had two offers to buy it on contract (to which, obviously, the answer was no.)

I'm not generally a patient person.  But I feel strongly that the Lord has something mapped out for our little family.  If we need to wait awhile for a buyer, it is because our future house isn't on the market yet.  Or something else that only someone who knows everything could predict.

So our little sign sways in the wind and marks our home with its red and white message.  And we sway in the winds of fate, wondering where we might land but trusting that it will be somewhere wonderful.


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  1. I am so happy for you guys to be taking this next step. And I totally wish that what Heavenly Father had in mind for your sweet little family was a beautiful little home in St George Utah. Perhaps next door to another little family, the Morgan's. That would make my dreams come true. But for now, I wish you guys all the VERY best in finding where the perfect place is for you to call home.