Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Adventures of Being Three

Yesterday our baby boy turned three.

He really is a special kid, all full of life and humor and stubbornness, and dancing, and wrestling, and talking, and love.

He got a few presents yesterday, mostly of the knights and dragons variety. 

(He will receive the rest of his gifts on Saturday at his big birthday party.)

Last night, we took him to Fuddrucker's because his dinner request was "chicken and fries".  The milkshake was a bonus.

Oh yeah, the knight helmet came too.

Then we took him to the big indoor playground at Jordan Creek Mall.  He loves it there.

It was a great birthday.  But it didn't end yesterday.  This is his birthday week, after all.

So for today I set up a private, after-hours tour of our local DOT garage.  

The guy let us in the garage and told Topher he could climb in any trucks he wanted.  He went straight for an enormous dump truck. 

And I do mean enormous. 

These are the trucks they use to keep Iowa highways clear of snow and ice. 

That's a big job.

I think this was Topher's own version of Heaven. 

Seeing him so happy and excited was our version of Heaven.

He ended up "driving" three of the huge trucks.

The man giving us the tour was so nice.  He gave Topher a safety hat, a reflective vest, and a toy truck off of his desk.  Then he gave TJ and I vests as well to wear at Topher's construction party on Saturday.

He also mentioned that we were pretty special to get this tour and that to his knowledge, no kid has ever been allowed to do this before. 

Apparently cuteness will get you everywhere in life. 

We can't wait to see what adventures await us in the coming year.

Happy birthday, puppy pie.  Mommy and daddy love you endlessly.


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