Monday, August 1, 2011

My $22 Bathroom

Our half bath was purple when we moved in.  Not an offensive shade of purple, just purple.  The vanity and baseboards were oak.  And the lights were the broadway style lights, all in a row and all the bulbs exposed.  I didn't despise my bathroom, but I wasn't in love with it either.  So I grabbed some leftover paint from the garage and attacked it.  The only money spent was the clearance light fixture ($17), two handles for the vanity ($4), and a clearance towel ring ($1).  I grabbed a metal leaf that was stowed away and hung it on the wall.  TJ is going to build some shelves to go above the toilet and I'll put some baskets there for storage. 





  1. Looks awesome! I have so many things that need painting in my house it's CRAZY. Maybe that's cause in the 6 years we've lived here I've painted a grand total of 5 walls.

    I HATE to paint, so does Jeff. Walls that is. Someday, someday, someday.

    luvs, aby

  2. Thanks Aby. I actually love to do stuff like this, it makes the day feel so productive. I'll have to come paint with you sometime. I like the challenge of making my home look more expensive. :)

  3. What a difference! The lighter paint really opened it up. You did a great job.