Monday, August 22, 2011

Changes Changes Everywhere

I'm not sure why, but we've been on a home improvement kick lately.  I figure you have to jump on board when you're in the mood because you never know when it might strike again.  So let's start with our corner fireplace.  Here it is. 

You know I hate imitation oak, right?  Well, this had to go.

So we bought some clearance tile (11 sq. feet) and got to work.  Our friends loaned us their wet saw, and TJ made short work of this project.  He has some serious tiling skills.  I was the mudder and the grouter.  Glamorous jobs, I know.

We did this in one weekend for about $40.  I still need to paint the mantle, but the fireplace is now a focal point instead of an eye sore.  Hooray!

Next up is the kitchen.  Just wait and see how we transformed it in 2 weekends.  Are you ready?


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