Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Member's Night

Being a zoo member has its perks, and at the end of last month we were able to preview the new dinosaur exhibit before it opened to the public. Topher was talking about it all week. Note to moms: don't mention something exciting to a toddler until the day you are going to do it.

Topher has been into dinosaurs ever since daddy showed him some clips from Jurassic Park. (I was not there for that decision.) Later, when I heard about it I thought Topher would be scared but instead he was grinning from ear to ear and telling me that the dinosaur says "Rawr!" And so a love of dinosaurs was born.

We also got a voucher for some free popcorn, so we took an intermission from the fun to snack and feed some eager blackbirds.

Then we saw some animals. It's a tiny zoo but it's the perfect size for toddlers. Then, as the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, we told Topher he could ride the train. He's never been on a train before but he's talked about it many, many times.

It was a really fun night. Topher keeps asking if we can go back and see the dinosaurs and ride the choo-choo again.

If it means seeing that grin on his face again, you already know what my answer is to that.


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