Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was a 2-day affair this year. On Saturday we decided to go to the zoo for their Egg-stravaganza event. We did not anticipate that the line to get in would be a mile long. See the building waaaaay up there? That's where you enter the zoo.
Luckily it went really fast and once inside, the crowds magically disappeared. Also, due to lack of organization, we were able to nab a pic with the Easter Bunny after only a couple kids. Topher wanted to sit on his lap, but once there he was obviously a little curious about it. He would not look at the camera but rather just kept looking up at the gigantic rabbit. This was the first time he has sat on any character's lap, ever, including Santa.
Then it was a trek through the jungle...
A peek at the big cats....
A pretend excursion into the wilds to rescue the cats from poachers...
A daring romp through the playground...
Followed by daddy...
And finally a look at hundreds of hungry koi.
The Easter egg hunt at the zoo was incredibly lame (sorry zoo, but you gotta step up your game a little.) There was an open field full of thousands of eggs. The kids got to run in and pick up 10 eggs. They were all empty. Then the kids dumped their eggs into "return" containers on their way out and got a stamp on their hand. That's it. Not even a piece of candy! I kept laughing at all the kids walking through the zoo with Easter baskets in hand. What were they going to carry out?
That night Sheila needed some attention and Topher begged her to come in the bath with him. We compromised by giving him the tail end to "wash."
Once everyone was dry, Topher got to hold her for real. He is fearless and always goes straight for her head.
The Easter bunny visited Saturday evening and brought Topher the movie Cars, some Cars toys, and some new Elmo swim trunks (he starts his Water Babies class with daddy on Tuesday!) Aside from church, he hasn't taken off his Elmo trunks in two days now. And we've watched Cars three? four? times already. Good job, Easter Bunny.
Sunday was church and I was proud when I asked Topher, "Who do we think about on Easter" and he answered, without pause, "Jesus." I am very grateful for a knowledge of Christ and for having a family that loves Him and follows Him. Easter is such a beautiful, beautiful holiday.
After church we went to TJ's parent's house, where Topher had an egg hunt.
And got a Curious George movie from the Easter Bunny.
Then daddy showed him how to ride down the big hill in the wagon. Topher is such a daredevil. He laughs the whole way down, even as he is on the verge of tipping right over.
Happy Easter to all!

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  1. Looks like such a great Easter! Minus the zoo egg hunt - how dumb are they?! Glad Topher had a great weekend.