Thursday, February 10, 2011

While I unloaded the dishwasher...

I turned on some music and bopped along to the rhythm as I unloaded the dishes this morning. I was vaguely aware of Topher playing in the living room but I wasn't specifically watching him. When I put the last spoon in the drawer and looked up...I wondered how a tornado had occurred right under my nose. The toybox had vomited. The couch had heaved every pillow off, leaving a trapped victim identified as Curious George underneath. Topher had found and emptied both of his backpacks. He had found daddy's Transformers and taken them all apart. He had gotten every single puzzle out and taken every single piece out of each one. All my library books were scattered on the floor. And I could not love him more. Instead of putting the couch cushions back we lined them up down the middle of the living room and jumped from cushion to cushion. We raced to see who could put the puzzles together fastest. And all I could feel is grateful that I have a little boy who is curious and healthy enough to make such big messes.
I love you, Topher.
P.S. Here is a little teaser of my current knitting project:

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  1. Ha! I wasn't too impressed with his destructive ability until I scrolled down to the couch cushions! The girls wanted to know why I was laughing! Enjoy the night off!