Friday, February 4, 2011

Meet Miles

TJ's big sister, Lindsey, gave birth to her first baby early yesterday morning. She and her partner, Joanne, are very excited to welcome him into the world. He is Topher's first cousin on the Clark side, and we were very happy to drive to Iowa City yesterday morning to meet him. He's perfect. He's so perfect, in fact, that he didn't even cry when I held him (as all babies do). I have this feeling that he's going to be one of those babies. You know the ones...they only cry if they really need something, and they are easy to calm, sleep all night, and are just generally content. And even though I'd be madly jealous if that turns out to be the case, I'll love him anyway. And I suppose I'd be happy for the well-rested parents. :) Holding Miles felt good, and I can't wait to spend more time with him. Lindsey and Jo cruelly kept everyone guessing the gender and name for the full pregnancy (patience is not one of my many virtues). I was fully expecting a girl, but I was happily surprised to find out that Topher gained a little boy cousin. His name is Miles (which I love--good job, ladies) and he looks a lot like Lindsey we decided.

Oh, and not to brag but my hat looked killer on him. Topher wasn't quite sure what to do about Miles, but I suspect that it will take awhile for them to be very interested in each other. Lindsey and Jo, we love you guys and we're so glad that Miles is here and that everyone is healthy. Congratulations again.

We love you. We love him.
Welcome to Earth, Miles!

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  1. aww, congrats to your SIL and her partner! that must be so exciting for them. :) he is such a cutie pie! and that hat DOES look pretty good. ;)