Friday, January 28, 2011

Turning Wheels

Sometimes you can just see the wheels in Topher's head turning. At times they churn in fast circles, every cog connecting and fueling another race around. Other times they slow, trying to place all the scattered pieces of the world together into a logical thought. Then occasionally they will grind to a protesting halt, creating a sudden meltdown for his two-year-old brain where patience sits lightly on a slippery slope.

A couple days ago, as he played on his toy computer and tried to find the letters it was asking him to find, the array of emotions on his face clearly projected the thoughts spinning through his active mind.

I love watching my son. I love it when his gray-blue eyes sparkle with raw-edged intelligence or when his little mouth forms an "O" as he grasps a concept and gasps softly. I even love it when his face folds into frustrated wrinkles because I'm the one who gets to untangle the problems and kiss the frowns away. I'm so lucky to be home with him, catching his every expression and bottling them up in the recesses of my own turning mind.


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  1. I don't believe in the word "Literally", but I laughed out loud. Literally. :)