Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Postcard

We had this genius idea to send out a Christmas postcard this year, but it didn't work quite right. The company cut off our paragraph after one and a half sentences and it makes no sense now. We are sorry but hope that you enjoy the picture of us nonetheless. Here is what the card was supposed to say: Front: Back: Merry Christmas, everyone. Sorry again! --KC Quick Update: I emailed Simply Postcard's customer service and a real person emailed me back less than 10 minutes later. He is working to fix the postcards and will be resending the corrected ones out in the morning. Even though I was upset about all of it, I have to admit I am impressed by their speedy response and desire to make things right! After being on hold way too many times this month with different companies (ordering gifts, etc.), this is the best customer service I have encountered and it went a long way towards making me feel better. Hopefully your correct postcards will be arriving soon!!!!

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