Friday, December 31, 2010

Baby's First Snowman

On Tuesday the weather warmed up enough to venture out. Topher donned his new snowsuit, his winter coat, his hat, his mittens, and his snow boots. Then we were off to play in the snow.
First we walked around the neighborhood, and TJ showed Topher how to make snowballs. I then showed Topher how to throw the snowballs at daddy.
Then, since the snow was packing together so well, we decided to build a snowman. It turned out to be just about Topher's size.
TJ has had this entire week off, and it has been amazing to just lounge around together as a family. After our fun in the snow, we headed indoors for hot cocoa. We were glad we decided to play outside because the next day it was unseasonably warm and our snowman disappeared completely with the rest of the snow. We hope he had a fun life while it lasted...his smile seemed to say he did.


  1. That is way to cute! He is getting so BIG! THank you for sharing! Very adorable SNOWMAN too!

  2. I want to build a snowman and throw snowballs with Topher! Karen, you and TJ are such good parents....Topher is very blessed to have you both! And we are very blessed to have all three of you! love you lots mom