Monday, August 2, 2010

July Birthday and Anniversary

If I slack off for just a minute (or week or two) it seems like there's too much to catch up on, and that makes me procrastinate even more. It's a vicious cycle. Two big things have happened, however, that demand attention. The first is that my handsome, witty husband turned 30 on July 23rd, and we had a great time celebrating here at home. Since the weather was rainy, I was without the car and without a way to buy helium balloons, so...enter some home-made decorations. They were made with extra love.
Topher "helped" color these paper balloons.
Happy birthday, baby!
TJ and I have been dieting and I have to say, he looks every bit as good as the day I met him in college. I won't even pretend to know how I got so lucky.
Doesn't he look GOOD???
The second big thing that happened was exactly a week later. We celebrated our 5-year anniversary and we did so by taking a vacation to Columbia, MO. Topher stayed 3 days and 2 nights with Terry and Kathy, and he did great (and so did they, and so did I for that matter!) We had a BLAST and here are some highlights from the trip:
1) We took a walk in the rain to our favorite lake in Columbia. It was terribly romantic because we were the only ones out (obviously, who would want to walk in a downpour??) and we were huddled close under a small umbrella. It was funny and wet and perfect.
Five years and going strong!
2) Across town, we visited our favorite creek. This is one of our favorite places to be in the whole world.
3) We went to Rock Bridge State Park, where TJ would often bring me on his motorcycle while we were dating. We ventured out to Devil's Ice Box, a cave in the park.
The famous natural rock bridge after which the park is named.
Climbing through the was a great workout!
The staircase leading down to Devil's Ice Box.
Inside the cave...not much to see, even with the flash.
Hoping to see some bats down here. :)
4) We wandered around campus. MU's campus is SO different, with construction going on everywhere. Everything is fancy and new and makes me feel like I went through college several years too early. Oh well, at least we know where all our tuition money went.
TJ dines with Beetle Bailey on the red half of campus.
The little chapel on campus where we got hitched.
Inside the chapel, remembering our ceremony.
Memorial Union, right by the chapel, where we had our reception.
Inside the Memorial Union arch.
A view of the quad, pillars, and Jesse Hall.
5) Our hotel was memorable. After booking a non-smoking room and being given a smoking room, we demanded a room change. Our new room was the only one in the hotel with stick-on numbers instead of a room plaque. Go figure.
I don't care if we got the ghetto room, I'm on vacation!
We're so happy because we got to sleep through the night for TWO nights!!!
We did a lot more than these few things. We went out for a late movie and we had fun cheating our diet and we met up with our good friends Anne and Andy, who are about to have their own little boy. We visited memories that can only come alive by being there in person and we had fun getting lost together. We shopped and ate out for every meal and walked everywhere. It was such a fun weekend.
And what kind of parents would we be if we didn't bring our little tiger a souvenir?
It's been a long five years, I won't lie. I blame most of that on the flood and just a little bit on Topher (no offense, buddy!). But look where we are, and look what we created together. We're in love and we're happy and we have an amazing son. TJ, these have been the best five years of my life because I've been your spouse. Here's to an eternity of more. --KC

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