Friday, August 13, 2010

iLove my iPhone

After waiting 2 weeks for our new iPhones to arrive, they are finally here and we're still trying to discover which features we haven't discovered yet. We've never had smartphones before, so everything past making calls is like digital magic. We've already taken advantage of the Facetime feature, calling our friends in Florida and seeing them face-to-face through our phone as we took a real-time tour of their house. As you can probably tell from the last video I posted, I keep forgetting to turn the camera sideways for videos so they won't be so tall and skinny. I'm especially happy with the camera/video because it seems to be comparable our digital camera so now I won't have to tote around multiple gadgets everywhere I go. Here are a few sample pictures (totally un-retouched and straight from the phone) I have taken:

It's addictive having so much information at your literal fingertips. I can transfer money to my bank account and then a second later I can whip out a game that will keep Topher entertained in the car. I know that most of the world has been doing this for ages, but it's new for us here in the dinosaur age. (I also didn't have a cell phone until a few years into college, but don't tell Topher that because he'll think I'm ancient, lol.)

My phone got named Apple while TJ took the more masculine Mac. We are extremely creative that way. If you know me, you know that I never make a purchase without extensive research and after all was said and done, nothing compared to the iPhone for us. The reception has been great, the features are amazing, and I officially give it a 9/10. (One point was taken off for having to recharge so often, but that's also because I'm using it so often. Still, they should have known that such a cool phone would need a beefier battery.)

Once I have explored it more, I think I might do my own "10 best apps" list. Stay tuned and happy phoning!


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  1. i'm like you, i'm so ancient. i don't even have an ipod.
    but i want an iphone so bad (only for the cool apps that turn photos into polaroids though), and this made me want one even more. the pictures are AMAZING, i can't believe how great the quality is! (especially the indoor ones!) i love that one of sassy covering her eyes, so cute. :) you're a pretty good photographer too! :) can't wait to see the top ten apps!