Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wrong Day to Swim

My neighbor Lisa has a little girl, Leah, who is a couple months younger than Topher. They play together really well, and we love watching the two of them and commenting on boy/girl differences. Today we took them over to Lisa's parent's house to play in the backyard and swim in the baby pool. The weather, even at 10am, was hot and muggy so we were all ready to cool off. As soon as we got the kids over there and into their swimsuits (literally, in the 60 seconds it took to change them), the sky clouded over and the wind picked up. Apparently a storm front was moving through that we thought wasn't coming for several hours yet. It never rained, but the wind was chilly and there was no sunshine. We let the kids play outside for awhile but only Leah was brave enough to get in the water.
Topher is a little sensitive about water temperature, apparently, but he still entertained himself with the rake and patio furniture.
It might have been the wrong day to swim, but it was the right day to play with friends.

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