Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fun in Kansas City

I haven't been home since Thanksgiving so we thought we'd take the weekend to visit my family. Unfortunately, we have the worst timing ever and chose the weekend that my Dad is out of the country, my sister is out of the state, and my brother is working. However, we still got to see my other brother and my mom, and we had a lot of fun. At my mom's house, Topher was introduced to the marble track and he got a kick out of that. Then he got to play with the ribbon kite and he thought that was pretty exciting. Finally, worn out from playing so hard, he got a little confused playing with Noah's Ark. At Jon & Katie's house, Topher latched onto my niece Aubrey, the most natural (and beautiful)baby-sitter I've ever met. He also had fun talking to his cousin, Ammon... learning all about Webkinz... And watching Anders blow bubbles on the deck.
Jon and Katie, thank you for being such great hosts. Your kids are wonderful people and great with Topher. We know they learned that from you and we love you guys. Mom, we love you and thanks for the great dinner and for loving our little boy almost as much as we do. :) We hate living so far away from everyone but hope one day that we might be able to remedy that. To the rest of my family, sorry for our bad timing but we're so excited to see you in a couple weeks in Nauvoo!

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