Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

What a busy Easter. Topher awoke to a basket by his bed containing new sippie cups, 2 pairs of Robeez (brand of shoes) we found at a consignment shop, and a funny light-up ball.

Happy Easter, Topher! You can have the basket if you can get it away from the demon cat. Then it was downstairs to go on his first Easter egg hunt. I was afraid he would not understand the concept, but he caught on immediately.

Once he found all the eggs, we had to show them that they open. Instead of candy, we filled them with oyster crackers, one of his favorite snacks.

Then it was over to Grandma and Grandpa's for an Easter lunch, followed by another Easter egg hunt outdoors. This one really wore him out, and after finding a LOT of the eggs, he just wanted to go back inside.

I'm a pro at this egg-finding business. So many eggs, such short legs. Put them in the basket, Topher. The stash he collected before throwing in the towel. Uh oh, somebody ate a black jellybean. Finally, it was over to Aimee & Dale's house for one more Easter meal and yes, one more egg hunt. It was a great, long day but obviously the best part of the day was reflecting on the true meaning of Easter. I'm so thankful for my knowledge of, and belief in, my Savior. Topher knows exactly who Jesus is and can always find him in pictures. And every time he points to Him, he says, "Dad." I love it.


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