Monday, April 19, 2010

Can We Go Out?

It's actually never a question. It's always a demanding, "Out!" while hanging desperately onto the baby gate that bars the way to the front door. Call me crazy, but I can't, for the life of me, ignore this pleading face, so usually I give in, even if it means going "out" several times a day. Even just an open garage door is enough fun for this little guy. He'll run over the garage-door threshold over and over, enjoying the slight incline/decline it gives his step.
But one of his favorite places to go is the park.
Topher has a funny quirk of not liking anything on his hands. He'll reach out and pet the dog and then immediately hold his hand out and make this distressed sound because there are hairs on it. It's the same at the park when he falls down on the shredded bark. He stops everything until he picks off every piece of wood from his hands.
Wee! Topher's such a little dare-devil and loves the fastest slide.
TJ taught Topher how to use the water fountain at church, and it's actually pretty handy when we're at a park like this. Well, handy until you've been holding him there for 10 minutes and he just keeps saying, "Mah, mah" meaning "More, more!" The park really should have installed a teeny tiny water fountain just for us.
Yes, Topher, we can go outside. But first you have to put on your shoes and give me a kiss.

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  1. Topher has curly hair just like yours was Karen!
    He also has that same beautiful complexion and pretty eyes that you had! He is so adorable! Love you mom....can't wait to see you....Mom