Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bouncing With Glee

There aren't many ways to make an 18-month-old hold still. Elmo's World will do the trick sometimes, but Glee will do it every time. I'm sure it has a little bit to do with all the pretty girls and a LOT to do with all the spontaneous music. Topher just loves it. I took a video of him dancing along to a Glee episode a couple weeks ago, and it's pretty typical of what he does whenever those Glee kids break out into song. Now that it's nice out, the TV isn't on much. We're too busy playing soccer and taking walks and going to the library. But once a week we don't mind dancing and singing to the Glee songs. And Topher's favorite music to listen to is still the Glee soundtrack. It's a fun mix of old and new songs, show tunes and pop and rap and love ballads. TJ and I like to sing along and pretend that we're as talented as the Glee cast, and Topher loves it when we sing and dance crazy with him. I'll admit it, I'm a gleek. --KC

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