Monday, March 29, 2010

Fast Fever

What a weekend. Overnight on Thursday Topher woke up burning like a little wildfire. His temperature kept reading over 103, even with Tylenol, so we called the doctor as soon as they were open on Friday and TJ took the day off work. Topher was NOT in the mood to be looked at and cried the whole time, but his throat and ears got the all clear, and his tummy felt fine to the doctor. With absolutely no other symptoms besides his 103.7 fever, she thought it was probably just a virus and had us alternate Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours until his fever broke. He was just a miserable little guy, with glassy eyes and blood-red lips.
Just hold me, daddy. I don't feel good.
It was a very long, very clingy day but his fever finally broke Friday evening. He continued to be more clingy than average all weekend, but at least he wasn't so hot that he was burning us through our clothes anymore. Poor baby. It was awful, but made me stop and realize once more how lucky we have been with him. He's been SO healthy that complaining over a one-day fever seems ungrateful. I'm just glad he's feeling better.
On Saturday we went out to the farm to celebrate Grandma's birthday. Lindsey and Jo were there too, and we were very excited to see them. Topher doesn't get to see them enough, and they are always so good with him. Topher had fun exploring "outdud" (outside) and barely even noticed Linds & Jo's Great Dane mix dog running around. I guess when you have a St. Bernard, you're pretty immune to having big bups around.
A framed picture of Topher with his beautiful Grandma
Lindsey and Jo made these fun, teetering cakes!
Olive, the soccer-playing dog
Look at my tractor, Grandma
I can't wait to see all these flowers bloom
Wait for me, Grandma!
We are SO excited for this week. The forecast has a lot of 60's and 70's in it, and it just feels like everything is coming alive again after way too long in dormancy. I'm excited to break free from our jackets and hats and just to soak up the sun with my baby. It's going to be WARM! I totally forget what that feels like! :)
We're so grateful that Topher's fever didn't stay long. We're all for the warmer weather, just not warmer foreheads.

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  1. Those high fevers can be scary, especially when you're a relatively new mama. Our kids and families in general seem to share the ability to not get sick too often, and when they do it's pretty short lived. I can't IMAGINE being a family that is sick all the time. I have lots and LOTS of friends who say they were sick nearly all winter. Imagine! We managed to get through with only a couple colds that were gone in a day or so. Course I was sick tons, but that was baby related!

    luvs, aby