Sunday, February 28, 2010

From a Talking Cat to an Enormous One

Our favorite day is Saturday. We never make many plans, we just see what we want to do when the morning rolls around. Yesterday we felt like going to Target, where they were (very unexpectedly) having a Dr. Suess celebration. There was the Cat in the Hat, reading Dr. Suess books in a cleared out section of bathing suits. It was weird. But it was also perfect, because Topher is on a Dr. Suess kick right now. He got a little goodie bag and a red balloon and I'm just sorry that I didn't have my camera because seeing the Cat in the Hat in the middle of Target was just very bizarre and funny. Once we were home, TJ showed Topher how to punch the balloon like a champion fighter.
After that, Topher took a nap and then we decided it was the perfect day to go to the local animal shelter. This was a favorite past-time for TJ and I back in college, and we still love it. Topher was SO excited about the rows and rows of dogs and cats.
There was even an enormous cat that we couldn't resist taking into the "hug room" to meet one-on-one. It weighed more than 3x what Squash weighs, and it looked like a miniature mountain lion. It was a very nice cat, and Topher impressed everyone by how nicely he was petting her. We aren't in the market for another animal, but someday I know we'll be taking Topher to the shelter when he's a little older and we'll all pick out a pet together. Everyone who met Topher said how cute he was (one of the shelter workers was about to kidnap him) and how adorable it is that he gets so excited about the animals. We couldn't agree more.
We never know what Saturday is going to bring, but we do know that it's going to be the best day of our week.



  1. oh my goodness, that cat is AWESOME! i might have to drive all the way there just to adopt it. :) That's so good you guys teach Topher to respect animals. Not too many kids his age would be gentle with a cat, or much less any animal.

  2. thanks Tina, i can't think of enough reasons why a child should grow up with pets. and let's face it--any child of ours is either going to be born an animal lover or he would have to become one quickly. :) that cat weighs over 20 lbs by the way, but a total sweetie. :)

  3. holy moly! over 20 lbs! i just love big cats. :) and yes, your right about your kid(s) being a natural animal lover...there's no way Topher couldn't like or love animals. :)