Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Enjoying our Christmas Spoils

Topher has been loving his Christmas toys. In particular, he seems to enjoy the Magna Doodle more than we expected. TJ drew a puppy on there for him and now every single time he plays with it, he'll draw a scribble and say, "bup!" because he thinks that is what you're supposed to draw. We've since made various other pictures on it for him, but he continues to draw bups exclusively.

He also seems to enjoy this little battery-operated hamster my mom sent him. Squash is also quite intrigued (bothered) by it, and Topher loves to watch her chase it around.

We have also been looking for a way to store our movies and Topher's toys more attractively and were happy to find that the storage ottomans we liked at Target went on sale today, so we snatched up the last 2 browns ones and voila!, there are no longer toys in every corner of the living room. Topher thinks the ottomans are toys in themselves, too, as he stands and repeatedly opens and closes them.

In other adventures, Topher continues to practice walking and--more often--falling. Unfortunately he fell face-first on the kitchen floor Sunday night and cut his top lip deeply on his teeth. We actually didn't know what he had done at first because there was too much blood to see into his mouth. It was awful and we almost got in the car to take him to an urgent care center. However, it stopped bleeding fairly quickly so we realized he would be okay, despite the extra-fat lip he sported and the large circle of blood that was left on my shirt. He is one tough little boy, and we were happy to notice that it only took 2 days for his lip to look almost completely normal again. I know these things will happen repeatedly as he continues being the rough-and-tumble little boy that he is, but if I could cushion every tumble I would do it in a heartbeat. We're sorry you got hurt, Topher. You were so brave.

Topher and I are lucky enough to have TJ home this entire week, and it's felt like a dream. We are all happiest when TJ is home. We might be a very small family, but when we are all together, it just feels like all the pieces are in place. We are looking forward to starting a new year and watching Topher change in ways we can't even imagine yet. He is the most entertaining, demanding, energetic, focused, and humorous member of our household and we love him more every single day. Here's wishing everyone a very safe and happy New Year's!



  1. Oh....he is soooo cute! I really do want that baby! love mar mar

  2. OK...I've watched these videos at least 10 times and reread your last 5 blogs at least I need some new Topherisms! I love that you have this blog...but I am also addicted to it! lol Hope you have had a wonderful week together as a family and I hope you all know how much you are loved and missed!

  3. He is such a doll. I can't believe how different he looks since we moved. He just gets cuter and cuter! I hope you guys are doing well.