Thursday, October 1, 2009

All in a Day

A messy day, that is. I think we've almost reached "toddler-hood", that glorious stage that means you run around and find your child by following the trail of messes. Even though Topher isn't walking yet, he can still go just about anywhere he wants to go (and do anything he wants to do, even if you might think that some of those things would be out of his reach). He likes to start his day by pulling out all the cables we don't use and sorting through them. I'm going to need some electrical tape to get this up to code. After that, it's into the kitchen to get into the cabinet. Literally, all the way in. I'll get everything out, mom, don't worry. I'm making some interesting finds. What? Was this not okay? Then it's onto the other side of the kitchen where all the drawers need to be opened and the contents removed. Oh boy, this drawer is definitely going to need to be cleaned out. I'll get it. After that, it's a long but fast climb upstairs where Topher makes a jewel of a discovery. The toilet paper roll. Oh dear, there is way too much paper on this roll. Fire hazard. I'm on it. Yep, that outta do it. Problem solved. Someone is going to need to refill this for me. I'm getting out of here before someone sees the mess I made! And finally, after all that work is done, the baby takes a much-deserved nap. With Sassy watching guard. Good girl, Sassy. Look at that, he really CAN hold still. :) All in a day. A busy, messy, run-around kind of day. --KC


  1. Thanks! Do you follow our blog? How did you hear about it? I saw that you live in Columbia...we'd love to get back there someday. :)

  2. this is hilarious...such a great "day in the life of" entry of Topher.

    p.s. i like this layout the best. :)

  3. thanks Tina...I like this layout best, too. It took me awhile to design the right one that felt like "us" but I think it works. :)