Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good Morning!

Now that Topher is able to pull himself up, this is how we most often find him in the morning:
He loves to explore his crib and push all the buttons on his mobile:
He's such a big boy! We desperately need to baby-proof the house, but we are trying to wait until we are in our new house before we make all that effort.
Good morning, Topher!
On housing news, the buyers for our home had a little hitch with their underwriting company going bankrupt, so they had to resubmit their loan and it has now been conditionally approved as long as they produce some minor documents by the end of tomorrow (should not be any problem at all.) Our new closing date should be this Thursday, Sept. 3rd. Then we close on the new home on Tues, Sept. 8th. It's very hard to believe that in 9 days we could have all our things packed, moved, and into the new house. It's even harder to believe that in 4 days, we'll be signing this house over to someone else and that it will never belong to us again. It will be incredibly strange to drive by this house once it belongs to another family. We're very, very excited about it, though.

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  1. Good job Topher!

    I'm so excited for you all and your new home. I can't wait to see pics and get the full move-in story.

    luvs, aby