Monday, July 20, 2009

Sale Pending!

Good news! No, GREAT news: we accepted an offer on our house this past weekend! The couple walked through on Friday and were scheduled to walk through again on Monday, but must have gotten anxious because they called Saturday with an offer. After an initial low-ball offer and a few back-and-forth negotiations, we settled on a price that we're pretty pleased with. If you had told us a year ago (let's see...a year ago we were still living with the in-laws and our house was stagnant and echo-y because we had no walls) that we would sell this house for a profit, I would never have believed it.
It sounds like the inspection is going to happen tomorrow and hopefully all goes well. We don't anticipate any big problems. The buyers are pre-approved, so we hope the loan process can go smoothly and that we can keep our tentative closing date of August 27th.
Are we waxing a little sad and nostalgic about leaving our first home? Not at all, no. And just in case I am ever tempted to, all I have to do is get out this picture and suddenly I remember just how lucky we will be to be able to walk away from this place. This was my last glance downstairs before wading out into our yard the night of the flood. As you can see, the water is nearing the top of the doorways. INSIDE our house. It's so bizarre.
That picture always makes me feel positively nauseous. And that's how I know that we're doing the right thing. This was always a very nice house, but it was never our dream home. Even though there's technically a lot of square footage here, we don't have as much usable space as you might think (especially now that we don't use the downstairs at all except for TJ's weights.) The three of us all share one bathroom and now with Topher crawling, we could use a little more carpeted space (we have zero carpet upstairs). I actually have a list of about a hundred things I will NOT miss, and of the things I WILL miss, I can only think of three: the trees we planted, the fenced yard for Sassy, and being so close to TJ's parents (who have a very special bond with Topher).
Now that we have an accepted offer, we are free to look and even put an offer on a new place. There are a few townhomes in Ankeny that we are very excited to look at. They seem to have a lot to offer--attached 2 car garages, 2.5 bathrooms, master suites, walk-in closets--a lot of amenities that we don't currently have here.
Having that "sale pending" sign out in our yard is a wonderful feeling, and when it changes to "sold" I think we'll just be over the moon. We are SO excited about the changes coming our way (we're going to live in a town with stores and food delivery!), and we are SO grateful that our house had so much traffic and interest, even in this down market. It's going to be a LOT more fun to be the buyer rather than the it's our turn to go low-ball someone else! :)


  1. Oh, YAY! I'm so happy for you guys!!! What a great weekend for you guys. :) I can't wait to see the next home you choose. Congratulations!!!!!! wahoo!!!

  2. thanks Tina, we are sooooo happy! I still want to see more pics of YOUR new house, though!!!

  3. Wow that is SO great and amazing! The house across the street from us sold fast too and we were shocked. Now Jeff and I are feeling like maybe if we ever do want to sell we might actually be able to! We'd always figured it was a VERY long shot. Not that we have any intentions to sell any time soon!
    Congrats and we are all so excited for your changes to come!!

    luvs, aby (and the rest of the crew too)