Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Toothie!

Topher has his first tooth! (or "Tophie has a toothie," as my dad's wife, Lori, said). Can you believe it? I barely can. It was a nearly impossible task, but I caught a couple pictures of it yesterday. Normally, he doesn't allow anyone near his mouth, and if you bring your finger towards his mouth, he'll clamp his lips together and shake his head "no." So in order to get these pictures I had to stand over him and pretend to sneeze in a very exaggerated way, so that my ponytail flailed up and down each time (he thinks sneezing is so funny) and then take as many pictures as I could while he was smiling. Of those pictures, only two showed the tooth. The others all had his tongue in the way, because he likes to smile with his tongue hanging out. It was worth it, though, because not only can you see the first tooth, but you can see that another tooth beside it is surfacing, too. We have been waiting and waiting for this day. Maybe now he will find some relief from teething, at least for awhile. It's almost like the tooth fairy came, only she brought us a new tooth rather than toting an old one away. Congratulations, Topher! --KC


  1. well it's just a week full of firsts! we're moving into our first house and Topher, i can't believe it, got his first tooth!!!! I'm am soooo soo happy for him and you guys. Hopefully he will be more comfortable, at least for awhile. YAY!!! Good job Tophie with a toothie! I'm sure that was a lot of hard work for ya. :)

  2. p.s. those pictures of him are so freakin' need to frame those...seriously, they're killing me with his cuteness. :)