Friday, July 24, 2009

Birthday Bid

TJ had a "Transformers" birthday yesterday. Topher especially had fun when he got to "sign" his name on daddy's card...I guess he got a little carried away by the excitement of me allowing him to hold the pen all by himself.
The theme will be completed tonight when we finally go to see Transformers 2...the last new movie we saw was Marley & Me and the parking lot was covered in ice that night, so it's been awhile. Our neighbors across the street offered to babysit last night and we were able to meet our realtor and see a few more properties, but each one confirmed the fact that we love that Greenview townhome (see last entry) , so we went ahead and put a bid in on it. We have very low expectations of coming to an agreement with the listing agent (he seems a little sketchy) but at least now we can say that we tried.
After grabbing a birthday pizza and coming home, we went across the street and we shared our ice cream cake (with Transformer plates and napkins) with the neighbors. They said that Topher was the best baby they had ever watched and that he didn't even seem to care that we were gone. (I'm going to go ahead and take that as a compliment and a testament to the fact that we are raising a happy, secure, well-adjusted baby rather than thinking that Topher is just completely indifferent to us.)
TJ's birthday celebration continues today as he will go golfing with his dad and then his parents will take Topher while we go to our movie. I didn't get him anything exciting for his birthday (just a Transformer toy because he loves them, despite the fact that he's a "grown up" now) but his real present is that we're saving up to buy him a PS3. He's very excited about it.
In selling news, the buyers for our home had their inspection and everything went off without a hitch...they didn't even ask for another penny, even though the roof needs to be replaced soon, so we were thrilled about that. So now we just wait while the loan is being processed and everything is finalized, which will take several weeks. On the buying side of the equation, our realtor told us not even expect a reply from the listing agent on our townhome offer, but we're hoping that our "birthday bid" carries some good luck with it. We're not holding our breath, but our fingers are crossed. Wish us luck!

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  1. I TOTALLY forgot to comment! Whoops!

    Happy VERY belated birthday TJ!!! Looks like you had a great day and a wife who loves you dearly enough to buy you toys.

    luvs, aby