Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Water Bug

Topher loves the bath. He likes to roll over and over and over like an alligator. And when he's this happy, it's easy to photograph him.
Isn't he gorgeous? Even though he's at a hard age, I find him delicious. Yes, he's very wiggly and it's hard to change him or dress him. Yes, he mumbles and grunts a lot and chews on his tongue because his little gums hurt. Yes, he stays up very late and still wakes us up in the middle of the night, and then again very early in the morning. And yet, it's getter better as he gets older. He can sit up and reach for things. He can smile so big. He can flip the pages of a book. He's starting to understand what words mean. I can say, "Touch Daddy" and he'll think about it and then, most of the time, he'll reach over and pat TJ. If we hold him up to the mirror and say "Touch the baby," he will reach out and tap his reflection.
Even though some things about his development are getting harder (he's very close to crawling and church is impossible because he doesn't want to just sit there, so we end up in the hall, letting him roll around on the floor), we're so relieved that he's not a newborn anymore that we barely care. He's almost 8 months old. If we can survive what we've already survived, I think we can handle any amount of terrible toddler-ness that is to come. I thought that having a new baby would be so precious and that I would be sad whenever he would reach his milestones, like something was slipping away from me. But the truth is that this experience is getting better with time. Much better. My little water bug is getting big, and I love it.

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