Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hi Ho the Dairy-O, The Compaq and the Dell

Our Dell finally died. We've been getting the blue screen for quite awhile now, but Wednesday night we got the black screen of death from which there is no hope of recovery.
Topher thought he might be able to fix the problem, and he gave it his best shot. He even tried applying some of his magic drool to the computer, but to no avail. Luckily, everything had already been backed up, so we didn't lose anything vital.
We went to Best Buy and picked out a new Compaq that we love, and so far it's been great. It's so new and fancy compared to our 5-year-old totally worn-out laptop. We love it. And I love that technology gets cheaper over time, because this computer has more memory, more speed, the expanded keyboard (with the number keypad) and a nicer widescreen for much LESS than we paid 5 years ago for the Dell. Crazy, huh? It has Vista on it, of course, but we don't do enough "computing" to notice a big difference. Our computers are just for internet, pictures, i-tunes, and the occasional movie. Anyway, RIP old Dell and welcome to the household new Compaq. :)

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  1. Remembering to read private blogs is SO hard! Seriously, I forget they exist if they don't show up on my dashboard. But I totally get the reason, I just can't wait till you go back to public so I don't get so far behind!
    I have a Compaq too that I love, bought back in January. Mine is pretty much the same, just slightly smaller without the number keypad.
    luvs, aby