Friday, June 26, 2009

Beautiful Boy

I don't know how we did it, but we did it. We created something so beautiful that I am constantly amazed by it. We don't take any credit for it, we just marvel at it.
Those eyes. Those liquid blue eyes that are so easy to get lost in. We don't know if they will stay blue, but they don't show any signs of changing or becoming cloudy or dulling to a different color. Those eyes are going to be the reason we spoil him.
That smile. It is literally heart-melting. It might be the reason I'm here, to give life to someone who could smile that way. Another reason this little boy will be very spoiled. In the best possible way.
That nose. That nose gets a lot of compliments. From the day he was born, he has had no bridge to his nose. His face is very smooth between his eyes and his little nose just sprouts out from his face like a little button. It gives him that Gerber look and I love to kiss it.
Those feet. We call them robot feet because all the toes are essentially the same length, making his feet look like little square blocks that could crush a miniature city. I know someday those feet are going to move very fast. Hopefully every once in a while they will be running towards me.
That hair. Although he was born with plenty, it fell out in patches (we refer to that as his Hat Phase) and it has taken its time coming back. But it's there, especially on his crown, and after his bath, with a little lotion on his head, he can sport some spikes. It is my favorite time of day, when his hair sticks up that way.
I know I'm not baby-crazy. I know I have serious doubts about whether or not I could ever have another one. But the one that I have is gorgeous, and I'm so glad that out of all the women in the world, I was chosen to be his mommy. It feels like winning the lottery. I love you, Topher.

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  1. aww, that was the sweetest blog yet! he is such a cutie and he's lucky to have such wonderful parents as you and TJ.


    p.s. i love the spiky hair too. :)