Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

What a great weekend. TJ was incredibly productive Saturday. He mowed the lawn and spent the majority of the day working on the downstairs. He started nailing down the ledge on the half-wall (the cat loves having somewhere to perch again), and he finished the trim in the bathroom and on the landing. It looks sooo great. He worked until he ran out of materials. We are very, very close to being done. One really good weekend with a few extra hands and we could be completely finished. We need to finish and paint the ledge white, touch up some areas with paint, attach the closet doors, put in a new front door, paint the banister and re-attach all the smoke alarms. That's it! I am bound and determined to get this house on the market before June arrives. Sunday was the best day ever. TJ got up with Topher and let me sleep in (which, by the way, is the best Mother's Day present ever) and then I got a card signed by TJ and Topher. It was so adorable to see Topher's "handwriting" for the first time. I had to speak in church, which makes me SO nervous. I have been practicing every day for 2 weeks and I could still feel myself shaking like a leaf. However, my voice remained steady for the most part and I think it turned out okay. People laughed when I wanted them to, and I had a ton of kind comments afterwards. Plus it's such a relief knowing that I'm done and I don't have to be nervous about it anymore. Public speaking was my least favorite class in college. But I'm glad I was asked to do it because it made my first Mother's Day that much more memorable. I still can't believe that I'm a mom--me! Topher, you're the cutest little man I've ever known and I'm so glad I get to be your mommy. We can't wait to move with you into a safer house and watch you get even bigger. Thank you for all the smiles and slobbers. --KC


  1. Happy mother's day! Glad it was a goodun'!!

    I'm so nervous for your house as well, everytime it rains hard here I think about you guys. I'll be crossing my fingers (and praying too which probably works better) that you'll be out of there and into a stress free zone soon.

    luvs, aby

  2. Happy Mother's Day!!! (late) I'm so glad you had a good 1st Mother's day! That was very sweet of TJ to let you sleep in, that's a wonderful mother's day present! I get nervous about public speaking too, You're so brave to do that. I would never ever ever do that...ever. haha. Well anyways, I'm glad to hear you had a good weekend and good luck with your house! We'll be thinking about you!

    p.s. the work you guys have done looks amazing!!


  3. Thanks Tina...I cannot WAIT to post our "all finished" pictures. I don't care what we sell this house for as long as we sell it. Then we can start all over in a lovely new condo with NO basement. My home will never be as cool as yours, but at least it will be dry. :) We miss you already.