Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coming Along

Our goal was to have the basement completely finished before this weekend, but it's going to take a little longer. Still, TJ has been working hard and the progress looks great. Just for fun, I've loaded in some before/after pics.
Laundry room (we've added a water softener so it's even better than before):
Living room:
And bathroom:
Our friends Mat and Angie are coming to visit for the weekend starting tomorrow, so hopefully they enjoy the new lower level. I have so many mixed emotions looking at these pictures. I never thought our house would look this good again. The town seems to be serious about improving the drainage of rainwater. Just today they started digging an enormous hole right near our house to clear out tree roots and install a drain 3x bigger than the one that was previously there. We are encouraged that these improvements might make it easier to sell our home. Even with heavy rain earlier this week, our sump pump has remained dry, so we're hopeful. Happy weekend!

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  1. Those home improvements look amazing! It looks like a brand new house. I bet that feels good to have your house back. I bet it also feels good to know the city is making improvements as well!

    your friend,

    p.s. those black and white photos of Topher are sooooooo freakin' adorable, you should frame those!