Saturday, March 21, 2009

Busy Week, Swollen Cheek

This week has been busy. On Thursday I had to go to the oral surgeon to get a baby tooth removed, and since there was no adult tooth behind it, the jawbone had atrophied and I also needed a bone graft and an implant drilled up into my jaw. Luckily, my mom thought that was a great excuse to come stay for a few days and she watched Topher during my procedure and while I was recovering. I'm still quite sore and swollen on one side (it looks like I have a broken smile since only one half of my mouth goes up) but at least the worst part is over. Want to know the worst part? It was probably the fact that they used a little ratcheting wrench to screw the metal implant in, and they just keep turning it and turning it click tuuuuurn, click click tuuuuurn. Of course I was completely numbed but there was no mistaking that sound, even with my eyes closed. Anyway, it was so great to have my mom (Topher's "Mar-Mar") here for a couple days and to see Grandpa Larry during the drop-off/pickup times. My mom brought Topher the weirdest little rubber furry worm toy...I don't know what it is but I call it a tickle pickle. And Topher seems to think that it's fascinating. Here's some pictures of Grandpa Larry and Mar-Mar with Topher, and that crazy toy:
Today we went in search of a highchair for Toph. Walmart had the one we wanted, but only the display model and a sign clearly said the display models were not for sale. Boo. So Kathy and Terry are letting us borrow theirs until we find our own. The reason we wanted one was so we could try feeding Topher some rice cereal. We've been holding his baby spoon up to his mouth and lately he seems interested enough to try. I wouldn't call the attempt a success, but it was entertaining. The rice cereal just kind of sat on his tongue and he looked a bit disgusted by it (I tried it, it was nearly tasteless so he must just not like the texture.) When we gave him the spoon, he immediately swiped it across his face and ended up with a line of food across his cheek and near his eye. It was a good first try.
Oh, and before that, we were finishing a gigantic bottle of cream soda my mom left behind and saw Topher reaching for it, so when it was empty, we gave it to him. It was pretty adorable to see him holding it and trying to get his mouth on it.
TJ has been working downstairs on the doors and trim. I don't know that we'll be done before Mat and Angie come this next weekend, but we should be pretty close. It's hard to stay motivated when all we want to do on the weekends is lounge and recover, but we're doing our best.


  1. I LOVE$ the tickle pickle name! And thank you for the pictures...I was having withdrawal pains not being able to see Topher today! He did it again....he got cuter while he slept last night! Love you

  2. I hope you're ok, that dental work sounds like pure torture! I have a baby tooth too that never fell out and I don't think there is an adult tooth behind it. But I've never had any dentist say I needed anything done to it, they've never even commented on it!
    Feel better!
    luvs, aby