Friday, January 23, 2009

Shutter Bug

I know people always say that you go camera crazy with your first child, but I'm out of control. In the 13 weeks of Topher's life, I've created 37 albums on Dotphoto, many with hundreds of pictures. But I'm so glad we have all of those, because it's already getting hard to remember how tiny he started. I've been looking through some of them this morning and even though it has happened very gradually, Topher really is changing a lot. Take, for instance, his first bath. He was a tiny, red, screaming little wiggleworm. Then this morning when we gave him a bath he was chubby, content, and even gave us a smile when it was over. Here's the Topher of old (these pictures make me so sad!)... And here's Topher this morning (much better!)... What a difference! I'm so glad we've been (well, I've been) so diligent in taking zillions of pictures. Topher, you're growing up so well and we're so proud of you! P.S Ryan and Katie, we love the new frog towel, thank you so much!! --KC

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