Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Johnston's Come To Iowa

After a busy and often trying last couple of weeks, and after we all had our own experience with a nagging cold that's worked its way through our family, we were paid a most welcome visit from our friends Ryan and Katie. The two were anxious to meet our newest family addition, and in doing so became the first of our Mizzou friends to see Topher. After a morning of making the house as immaculate as it's been in several months, we were able to enjoy lunch with Ryan and Katie, which Macie did an excellent job of preparing (I put together a pretty mean samich bar, myself).
We all spent the afternoon admiring Topher and all his funny cold-amplified snorts. Although Ryan and Katie were quickly in agreement that Topher is the most adorable infant ever to drool on Earth, I have a feeling they found the visit to be a useful form of birth-control. Definitely not making it a bad experience, but a very valuable one, not unlike when Macie and I would visit her numerous nieces and nephews in Kansas City when we were a newly-married couple. What a remarkable experience it was to visit a baby, and then be able to leave it with its parents and resume a normal adult life.
After lots of sitting and chatting, we were able to leave Topher with Grandpa and Grandma and drive into Ames. The four of us ate at Olde Main Brewery, which was the evening out with friends that both Macie and I needed. Ryan and Katie stayed at a hotel in Ankeny, not a bad plan considering our 1:30am and 5:00 am morning feedings; and joined us the following morning for breakfast. All and all, it was a very fun time (had by us at least). We really do enjoy hosting friends and hope to have many more visitors as Topher grows older and sleeps longer :)
Thank you Ryan and Katie for making the trip up to see us. We enjoyed your time, stories and of course Katie, your candy most of all... j/k :) Definitely will be our turn to buy dinner when we make our next trip to K.C., Tomfooleries (sp?) on us.

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