Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Futuristic Space Car

We went to pick up Georgie tonight and wow. It's a cool car. Any new car is exciting and has that unbeatable new-car smell, but this car has some exciting extras. After walking us through the XM radio (free for 3 months) and the On-star buttons (free for a year), they let us go in our pristine, polished HHR. On the way home, we pushed the On-star button to register our car and right away this live voice was just in the cabin of the car saying, "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Clark, congratulations on your new HHR." It is pretty cool to just be able to talk and have your car talk back to you like Knight Rider. We can also make and receive hands-free calls, have our doors remotely unlocked in case we leave the keys inside, have our lights flashed & horn honked if we lose the car in a big parking lot, receive road-side assistance, and get turn-by-turn directions to anywhere loaded right into our car's computer where they show up on the radio's display. We even got an email from On-star last night letting us know our tire pressure is a little low (they run monthly diagnositcs on your car and email you to let you know if there is anything of concern.) So crazy. It's like driving a spaceship. In fact, since Georgie's "voice" was that of a sweet girl, his name doesn't seem so fitting anymore. From old...to new. We have another reason to love the new car, too. We got extremely lucky with incentives (GM rebates plus a bonus that almost quadrupled our GM card earnings) and our monthly payments ended up being just slightly more than the Yaris was. We're also looking forward to utilizing the Flex-fuel option this summer (e-85 gas) in case/when gas goes sky-high again. On a totally sadder note, we got a call at the dealership from TJ's mom saying that his grandma isn't doing well. They have started a morphine drip and all the family is gathering by her bedside tonight. Topher and I had to stay behind to allow the family some quiet time (he's being quite the champion fusser today and has, in fact, screamed through this entire post), but we're praying for them and wishing them comforting thoughts this evening. We love you, Grandma! In an effort to give everyone something to smile about, here's a video of Topher being enthralled with his new mobile this morning: --Karen (Macie)


  1. Congrats on the new car! It looks so fancy. That video of Topher is mesmerizing -- what a cutie.

  2. Thats really sweet that the OnStar does all those cool things. SideNote: If you make the switch to e85 this summer, compare your mpg on e85 to normal gas. I've heard that e85 doesn't actually save $$ b.c it doesn't get as good of mileage as normal gas.