Thursday, January 29, 2009

The carpet is in!

The carpet guys said it would take 2 days, but they finished everything today. We've been wearing shoes downstairs in our house for so long now that it's hard to break the habit. It smells so nice and new and it's all soft under our's wonderful. I know there's still a lot left to do. I know we still need to tile the entryway and bathroom, put in a pedestal sink, put doors back in the doorways, and finish the trim work. But this carpet, more than anything so far, feels like we're finally getting to the end of the work. Yay for carpet!
Here's the entryway and view looking downstairs before the carpet guys came:
The carpet arrives and has to come in through the window because it is so long:
The tack strips are nailed down and the carpet pad is rolled out (I make the mistake of saying it looks pretty because, well, anything looks better than dusty concrete and the carpet guys say they could leave it this way--yikes): And finally, the finished product: It won't be long before we're up and running again and able to house guests, even if it is just on an air mattress. At least if you roll off the mattress, you'll land on soft, clean carpet. --KC

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