Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boring is Okay

We had quite the snow storm Friday night (6 inches??), which made it a little more difficult for people to come to the viewing and funeral, but the turnout was surprising. The funeral was a beautiful celebration of Margaret's life, and the sun broke through and actually felt warm on our faces as we walked out of the church and drove to the cemetery. Mar-Mar (Karen's mom) was kind enough to drive all the way up from KC to baby-sit Topher on Saturday so TJ and I could attend the funeral without having to worry about having a baby breakdown.
Speaking of Topher, he got really dressed up for the first time in his life to attend grandma's memorial service Friday night. Thanks to Jeff and Aby (and Ryan and Katie, footwear), he was the best dressed baby ever:
What a doll, right? We think he must be close to 12 lbs now, but we don't have a scale that measures ounces, so we're not sure. Anyway, here's to another week, back to the grind. Hopefully this week with be mercifully less eventful. Boring is okay sometimes.

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